Featured Video: Mary’s Place By The Sea Women’s Cancer Retreat

Mary’s Place By the Sea Women’s Cancer Treatment: Online House Tour · Services · Donations Mary’s Place by the Sea is a respite home for women who are receiving treatment for cancer. We provide services that complement their medical treatment, including oncology massage, nutrition education, individual counseling, Reiki, guided meditation, expressive writing, and yoga. Mary’s […]

Sixth Annual Your HHRS News “Jersey-est” Awards Part 2: Top Stories

PART ONE It’s been a covid of a year, to say the least: that’s because the pandemic’s victims were not limited to the sick, dying, deceased and their loved ones. Covid has also infected the very foundations of America’s economic, governmental, and free speech processes, plus sabotaged the credibility of political, medical, and scientific leaders […]

Covid Masking Videos by “Bill Nye The Science Guy” Go “Viral”; Icicle-Eating Challenge Warning

Sources: Buzzfeed; @BillNye TikTok.com As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to surge throughout the country, Bill Nye “The Science Guy” has officially HAD IT with the “anti-masker” crowd: in videos on his TikTok site, he shuts them down perfectly by showing how masks help slow the spread of viruses. During the summer, Nye posted a TikTok […]