Featured Video: Advanced Planning/Caregiving/Palliative And Hospice Care

National Hospice and Palliative Care Association · CaringInfo.org · Advanced Planning Care · Palliative Care · Hospice Care · Caregiving Options ·Visiting Nurse Assn. of NJ · GetPalliativeCare.org Source: Visiting Nurse Assn. Northern New Jersey Hospice makes a meaningful difference in quality of life. In reality, its purpose is to ensure the best, most comfortable […]

Featured Video: Diabetes Awareness

Diabetes Awareness: National Institutes of Health · New Jersey Diabetes Foundation · American Diabetes Association · Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Over 37 million Americans have diabetes and one in five people don’t even know they have it. Today, diabetes causes more deaths than breast cancer and AIDS combined. And in this month alone, 116,500 Americans […]

Jefferson Teacher And Author Launches Book About Eating Disorders

Source: Advertiser News South Starting in her early 20s, Alana Van Der Sluys had three undiagnosed eating disorders. She recovered from them by reading books and listening to podcasts. Although she recommends seeking medical help for an eating disorder, the books and podcasts helped her. Since then, the Jefferson NJ resident has become an English […]

Featured Video: Epilepsy Awareness

National Epilepsy Awareness Month (#NEAM): Epilepsy Foundation (New Jersey Chapter) · The Epilepsy Network · Epilepsy Services Of New Jersey · Seizure First Aid Training · Donate The Epilepsy Foundation New Jersey provides programs and services that support people and families impacted by epilepsy. With the strength of a national organization and network of epilepsy […]

Featured Video: Lung Health Awareness/Great American Smokeout 2023

Lung Health And Cancer Awareness: Great American Smokeout November 16 2023 · American Lung Association · American Cancer Society · NJ Quitline A nagging (chronic) cough may barely register in the course of our busy days, but it’s critically important to pay attention to even mild lung disease symptoms. It’s not normal to experience shortness […]