Gov. Christie Asked to Disclose The Scientific Basis Of His Ebola Quarantine Policy


Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is demanding Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) reveal the science behind his controversial decision to place all health care workers returning back from Liberia, Guinea, or Sierra Leone to be placed under a mandatory quarantine.

“He should bring out his scientists who are advising him on that, because we know that we want to be led by science,” Warren said Tuesday during an appearance on CBS This Morning.

Spoiler alert: the science does not exist. “That’s what’s going to keep people safe,” Warren added. “Science, not politics.”

Warren, who was promoting (her new) book…was responding to a question about Christie’s earlier comments in which he defended the mandatory quarantine against claims the policy is draconian.

“I don’t think it’s draconian,” Christie said on the NBC Today Show. “The members of the American public believe it is common sense, and we are not moving an inch. Our policy hasn’t changed and our policy will not change.”

Warren’s criticism joins a widening chorus of politicians–both on the right and left–and health officials who have slammed Christie and Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) for placing involuntary quarantines in their respective states over the weekend after the first Ebola outbreak in New York City surfaced last Thursday.

Both governors have been accused of playing politics at the expense of basic human rights –- Christie hoping to recall the image of an unapologetic, bipartisan leader in times of crisis (a la Superstorm Sandy); Cuomo hoping to exert any level of control.

On Monday, in light of the newly implemented quarantines, the Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention unveiled a new set of federal guidelines for local governments to adopt.

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon also released a statement praising medical officials as “exceptional people.” Alluding to Christie and Cuomo’s policies, Ban admonished against “restrictions that are not based on science.”

Click here for the Latest CDC Ebola Guidelines
For Healthcare Personnel (PDF)

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