Christie Blames Michelle Obama's Healthy Eating Initiative on Less Appetizing School Lunches

Sources: Daily Kos, ABC News; YourHHRS News
While New Jersey governor Chris Christie’s presidential campaign may be faltering, he did recently score major points with one demographic. Unfortunately, they’re about ten years too young.
In a move sure to appeal to schoolkids across the country, Chris Christie promised to do away with First Lady Michelle Obama’s healthy school lunch initiative to a boy who bemoaned that the pizza and c once served at his school cafeteria have gone away under the Obama administration.

If he is elected president, Christie told 11-year-old Jacob Royal on Monday while campaigning in Iowa, he can go back to eating “whatever you want to eat” at school.

“The first lady has no business being involved in this,” Christie told Royal during a town hall at a Village Inn, a restaurant chain that Christie said is a favorite of his to frequent when he comes to Iowa. “Using the government to mandate her point of view on what people should be eating every day is none of her business, it just isn’t,” Christie said of Mrs. Obama.
“I want people to eat healthier. I’ve been trying to eat more healthy. We all should be trying to do that. It makes us better, makes us living longer, better quality of life, all the rest of it. But in the end, it’s your choice.”
In contrast to the first lady, Christie told Royal, he doesn’t care what students eat at school. “I don’t care what you’re eating for lunch every day. I really don’t. I want you to eat whatever your mother wants you to eat and your father want you to eat,” he said.
Following the town hall, Royal told reporters he was satisfied with the governor’s answer: “I think it is good that he will fix it.”
Recalling the days when crispitos were part of the regular fare at school, Royal said he thought his favorite lunch foods would “probably” come back if Christie were president.

This from someone who cut school lunch programs so much, the state supreme court overruled him. School is for learning, and learning how to eat properly and exercise regularly should be among the lessons you take into adulthood. Let your kids eat junk and vegetate on the couch on their own time under your supervision. Maybe Christie wouldn’t have had to resort to lap band surgery if he had learned such lessons.

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