Clifton Rock Club Cancer Benefit for Drummer; Middletown Teen May Lose Both Parents to Cancer


On Friday Oct. 18th at the Dingbatz rock club at 620 Van Houten Ave. in Clifton, four bands will be playing a cancer benefit. Two of the bands will have the same drummer — and the drummer is the one with the cancer.

$15 at the door is suggested to raise money for Joe Moore who is going to battle with stage 4 lung cancer. He’s played with Necrophile, Nemesis, DTA, and Blood Feast, to name just a few. He’s currently with cover band Head Case and Black Sabbath tribute band Symptom, and is also a drum teacher.

His friend and student Mickey Mangielli reports: “Joe is not taking this lying down — he is still getting up to work as a roofer every day and he is still getting chemo treatments! He will be playing in Head Case and Symptom. He is a fighter!”

Rounding out the band lineup will be Black Light Medusa and Smoked Rose. “We really want to pack this place with all of our friends!” says Mangielli.

Joe Moore died of cancer at his home on Tuesday March 8, 2022.

For years, BethAnne Clayton has volunteered with Tim McLoone and his Holiday Express as well as singing at so many other fundraisers and benefits to help others. She has always believed in the power and healing of music as a way of helping those in need. Now she’s the one in need.

BethAnne is the single mother of 16-year-old Paul, who lost his father to cancer over a year ago. Her own ovarian cancer diagnosis came about two years later. She has battled through surgeries, chemo treatments, numerous hospital stays, and severe pain — all while trying to keep Paul’s life as normal as possible.

Recently Beth had to undergo a very risky surgery, requiring home care day and night that only qualified professionals can give. Yet insurance isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be, and her nurses are so expensive. Her goal right now is to heal enough from the surgery that she is able to go back on chemo in order to keep the cancer from spreading.

BethAnne wrote, recorded, and made a video of the song Get Out Stay Out (with Paul on background vocals and bass) to share with others who hope to rid themselves of cancer and other toxic problems in their life. It is a powerful look at what life can throw at us that we can all relate to.

BethAnne will do whatever it takes to beat this disease and stay on this earth to raise her son. Her sisters and friends have set up a GoFundMe page.

BethAnne lost her battle with ovarian cancer on Tuesday January 14, 2020. Any further donations will be used for her son’s educational and other future needs.

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