Closter Cops Invite Special Needs Residents to Register Medical Information

Source: North
The Closter NJ Police Department has launched a medical registry for special needs residents under the age of 21.
The aim of the register is to quickly identify a person’s medical condition is an emergency in cases where the caregiver of the child is not around, said Chief Dennis Kane.
“If we have a call for service for someone with special needs, we will have all the information we need on what type of medical issues they have and who their emergency contacts are, even if the caretaker isn’t there,” Kane said.
Special needs for this purpose would be defined as a physical, mental or developmental condition that limits someone’s ability to carry out activities of daily life. That would include ailments such as diabetes, said Kane.
“If the party is registered, police can go through the database and look at the photos to find emergency contacts and medical information. This is very helpful in cases where a child cannot communicate because he has special needs,” said Kane.
Everything will be kept confidential and information will only be provided to EMS personnel, said Kane.
The service is strictly voluntary.
The program is in its pilot phase so the borough will evaluate whether it is successful before expanding to all ages.
Registration will require a recent photo and medical background. Those who want to submit a form may do so on the borough website, or at the Police Department.

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