CMC Food of Fanwood Announces Partnership with Family Reach Foundation

Sources:; CMC Food/GivingBack
As a financial lifeline for families fighting cancer, Family Reach was established in 1996 to assist families with a child or parent afflicted with cancer deal with the overwhelming aspects of the disease, from the financial to emotional burdens.
Cancer treatment costs can be astronomical, which is where Family Reach comes in to help those families cover out-of-pocket medical expenses and everyday living costs, such as mortgage or rent payments, transportation, utilities, and even groceries. Family Reach collaborates with hospital social workers to provide urgent assistance to families nationwide in an effective manner.
CMC Food is a family-owned and operated egg supplier selling fresh shell eggs and egg products throughout the Northeast, with headquarters in Fanwood NJ. CMC is proud to service private label, local label and national branded eggs and egg products. Led by president Michael Culley, this retail and wholesale egg provider sells eggs of all kinds and sizes, such as cage free, organic, omega 3, and all-natural eggs, plus hard cooked peeled and shell-on eggs. Local and national branded products include Nature’s Design, Eggland’s Best, 4 Grain, and The Farmer’s Hen, available in cage free, organic, vegetarian, all natural and low cholesterol varieties to meet the growing health concerns of Americans.
Now, when consumers buy a carton of The Farmer’s Hen eggs, a portion of the proceeds will benefit the efforts of Family Reach thanks to this new partnership. CMC recently vowed to contribute a share of the proceeds from The Farmer’s Hen eggs in an effort to make a difference for families in their communities and beyond. Purchasing a carton of The Farmer’s Hen eggs allows a portion of the proceeds to benefit the Family Reach cause and go to a family in need.
CMC Food, together with Family Reach, believes everyone deserves a fair shot at beating cancer. However, with such high costs of treatment, many families are having to make the difficult choice whether to put food on the table or get cancer treatment for their child. Family Reach has made a commitment to ensuring that doesn’t happen, and since 2003 has helped 25,000 people with the overwhelming financial burden that accompanies this devastating disease.

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