Cosmetic Practices That Can Be Hazardous To Your Health


Brazilian Bikini Waxing: Are the risks of being hairless “down there” worth it? Aside from the pain of getting waxed in a such sensitive area, you can get a really nasty infection. It can remove pieces of your skin as well.

Brazilian Blowout hair straightening involves the use of large quantities of the enbalming fluid ingredient formaldehyde. Though the Food and Drug Administration does not formally approve cosmetic products, they have issued warnings against this beauty treatment.

Botox can do more than “freeze your face” when done unsuccessfully: it can lead to drooping eyelids, muscle weakness, and death.

Eyebrow waxing has a few cons you should consider: The wax can burn you, it can damage the hair follicles over time, and skin can be ripped off along with hair.

Fake eyelashes can ruin your real ones. The risks also include an allergic reaction to the glue and erosion of the eyelid, causing permanent damage.

Gel manicures are hugely popular right now because of their chip-free wear and long durability. But the harsh chemicals used can damage your natural nails, and you essentially tan your hands when drying your nails under a UV lamp, putting you at risk for skin cancer.

Hair bleaching via peroxide and related chemicals can cause breakage, lasting discoloration, drying out of the hair shaft, and even burning of the scalp.

Juice cleansing diets are purported to help you lose weight and toxins quickly, but starvation is the main reason people actually see results. Doing this cleanse (especially multiple times) can break down muscle tissue and also damage the heart.

Laser hair removal saves people time by not having to shave or get treatments very frequently. But during the laser process, dangerous chemicals and fine particles are released into the air, which can lead to future health problems if inhaled.

Tanning Beds not only carry the risk of skin cancer, they can also become just as addictive as nicotine or gambling.

Unsanitary Manicures/Pedicures: What you save in going to overcrowded, cut-rate salons can cost you in nail fungus, warts, herpes, or bacterial infections.

Waist Corseting has some seriously negative side effects, especially if done incorrectly: Rib fractures, impaired breathing, and organ displacement are just some of the worst problems that can result.

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