Cosmetic Surgeon Linked To Online Model Death Is Linked to Low Online Ratings

Source: Newsone

The doctor who reportedly performed plastic surgery on popular social media personality and entrepreneur Jacky Oh before her death identifies himself as a “liposuction and BBL specialist,” and has been the subject of multiple negative online reviews purportedly by former patients.

The Instagram account for SurgeonMade, a social media influencer when it comes to plastic surgery boasting 279,000 followers, claimed in a post that Jacky Oh’s surgeon was Dr. Zachary Okhah, more popularly known as just “Dr. Zach.” The post from SurgeonMade included a photo of Jacky Oh next to Dr. Zach, both of them smiling, with the following caption in an apparent Instagram post: “Getting ready for my mommy makeover…”

However, as of Thursday afternoon, neither the Instagram accounts for Dr. Zach nor Jacky Oh show that photo.

Dr. Zach’s Instagram account links to a website for PH-1 Miami that claims Dr. Zachary Iyore Okhah completed “his Plastic and Reconstructive Surgical residency at Brown University” before he “graduated from Princeton University.”

Offering “popular services” like the Brazilian Butt Lift, tummy tuck, liposuction and breast lift, the PH-1 Miami website also says the “best thing about Dr. Zach’s job is seeing his patients gain a newfound love for their bodies following their surgeries.”

It also lists mental benefits along with the physical enhancements as “just a few of the things that plastic surgery can do for” Dr. Zach’s patients, including giving more confidence and facilitating a positive outlook.

The positivity on the PH-1 Miami website stands in stark contrast to the negative online reviews patients have given Dr. Zach.

On the HealthGrades website, a review left in March expressed regret at not doing more research about Dr. Zach before undergoing surgery at his hands. The review, entitled “Find another doctor,” recommended potential patients look elsewhere.

“I wish I would have seen this page before getting my procedure,” the review began before explaining they had a liposuction procedure that left them with much to be desired. Aside from denouncing the “sketchy” facility in which the surgery was performed, the review claimed the results left their stomach “not smooth.”

Another review cited “patient neglect” and claimed the experience “was the biggest disappointment of my life.” That person’s alleged liposuction procedure left them with “a lot of hardness and lumps.” That prompted “additional fees” to no avail, the review claimed. Attempts to contact Dr. Zach went “ignored,” the review added. Back in 2020, a popular Twitter account that provides recommendations for plastic surgeons claimed Dr. Zach had “gotten HORRIBLY SLOPPY.”

There are no other reports linking Dr. Zach to the death or deaths of other patients. There are also other glowing online reviews of Dr. Zach’s services. Several of the reviews mentioned Dr. Zach’s social media presence as a driving factor for seeking out his services.

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