Covid Longhauler Recovers Her Voice Via Acupuncture; Autism Speaks Golf Benefit


Dawn B. of Matawan, suddenly couldn’t speak after getting COVID. She was diagnosed with dysphonia and was told she would have to just live with it.

Imagine the exhaustion living life without a voice: Dawn needed family members to help her communicate what she was going through to her doctors. That’s when she decided to get treatment at Old Bridge Acupuncture and Wellness.

“I have protocols for dysphonia and acupuncture treatments that really help to combat neurological injury and vocal cord dysfunction,” says Gregory Carey, L.Ac. His unique brand of acupuncture has been successfully treating what is now termed “long-haulers” since the pandemic began.

“Dawn was the first person I saw whose infection caused a severe injury to vocal cord function,” Carey says. “She had been suffering for months, and her body was simply refusing to heal.

“In this specific case, her battle with the virus really affected her nerve and vocal cord’ ability to heal and repair. Beyond the body just being terribly fatigued from fighting a very challenging infection, her cells were nearly depleted of oxygen,” Carey adds.

Dawn said she was skeptical at first of the proposed acupuncture treatment. “He was talking about placing acupuncture needles all over my body and I’m sure my eyes bugged out of my head. I was out of options and heard great things about [Carey], so it came down to what do I have to lose,” she said.

After each treatment, she continued to feel better, and soon her voice was 100% back to normal. “I’m living life again,” Dawn says.

Old Bridge Acupuncture and Wellness is the premier provider of Acupuncture therapy in the state. Acupuncture has been proven to not only reduce inflammation, but regrow new tissue, making it a viable option for pain management and an optimal alternative to surgery. The result is enhanced and effective healing and — for Dawn — getting her voice back.


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