Covid NJ: Counseling for Unhealthy Lockdown Isolation

Source: County Democrat

“Isolation is one of the things that makes human beings really uncomfortable,” says Ruth Altamura-Roll. She was referring to the lockdowns brought on by the current pandemic.

Ruth is a nationally certified and licensed professional counselor. She has more than 30 years experience, and she has offices in Flemington. She is a board member of the New Jersey Mental Health Counselors Association.

“People are concerned right now,” she adds. There’s no vacation time, businesses are shut down, kids need schooling and interactions with others their own age, entertainment is curtailed, masks are everywhere, she explains. “The issues are very stressful.”

When the COVID virus hit, she saw a decline in clients for a period of time. But as lock downs became a way of life over recent months, people requesting help increased — substantially.

She offers safe and confidential counseling services using a wide range of therapies. Some of these are client-centered, cognitive behavioral, rational emotive, grief and loss recovery, Imago couples counseling and the 12-step. She offers therapies for anger management, family and marriage counseling, child play therapy, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression recovery, and addictions.

“Together, we look at all aspects of your health and well-being,” she notes. These include spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional, and sexual. Then, together, the focus is determined.

For example, in Imago couples counseling, the focus is on transforming conflicts into opportunities for healing and growth. Couples cooped up together during COVID lock downs might need to tackle the conflicts that arise.

“The anxiety level is way off the charts. It begins to wear on people,” Ruth says. “In general, addictions are up and suicides are up. Life is risky.”

She sees people in person and also via tele-counseling. Zoom is HIPA approved.

In addition, Ruth does a Counselor Chat on the Hunterdon Chamber Radio each Wednesday from noon to 1 p.m. You can access current and past programs by accessing and clicking through on the radio tab. You can also 908-237-2899 and visit

Other counselors:
Joanie Eisinger: 908-790-9044 | Joanie’s White Light Healing.

Al Warr: 610-253-0432 | AlWarr16 @ gmail . com.

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