Featured Video: Cranio-Facial Differences Acceptance 2023


Cranio-Facial Conditions And Acceptance: My Face.org · Smile Train · FACES National Craniofacial Assn. · CCA Kids.org · Donate · American Cleft-Palate/CranioFacial Assn.

For more than 72 years, myFace has worked to change the faces – and transform the lives – of children and adults with facial differences.

By providing individuals and their families living with a facial difference with access to holistic comprehensive care, psychosocial services, education, resources and support that pave the way for better outcomes, we ensure that each and every member of our community knows they are never alone.

ACPA Family Resources provides crucial information for families, patients and professionals. ACPA Family Resources works to enhance national awareness and understanding of facial differences.

ACPA encourages providers and families to find unique and relevant ways to build cleft and craniofacial awareness in their local communities, especially during National Cleft & Craniofacial Awareness Month every July.

Treatment specialists, support organizations, advocacy groups, and affected individuals and families join forces every July to spread awareness of facial differences. Patients and families should be accurately informed in every stage of cleft or craniofacial care.

ACPA Family Resources also offers personalized support online and by phone. Reach out on social media, email or call 919-933-9044 ext 206.

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