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Cranio-Facial Conditions Acceptance: Face Equality International · Smile Train · FACES National Craniofacial Assn. · CCA Kids.org · My Face.org · American Cleft-Palate/CranioFacial Assn.

Source: Faces-Cranio.org

FACES joins global movement to urge Media to take care with language, tone, and imagery when covering disfigurement.

The Face Equality Internation (FEI) Alliance has developed the International Media Standard on Disfigurement with a view to supporting and advising on best practice by written and broadcast media professionals when covering disfigurement in the media. The Standard offers guidance on language, interviewing, showing respect and reducing the stigma around disfigurement.

The Standard has been developed in order to empower media professionals to reshape the way disfigurement and facial difference is described and represented in the public eye, with the goal of moving towards honest, informed and respectful media coverage.

Face Equality International and its member non-governmental organizations wish to work collaboratively with journalists, researchers and media professionals to support them in getting it right, rather than calling them out when they get it wrong.

You can help by participating in the Adopt-A-Face program. Individuals, organizations, and businesses can “adopt” a FACES’ Clients (families to whom FACES provides financial assistance for travel to specialized medical centers for life-changing surgeries). The program involves a three-year pledge, and the family is made aware of your contribution on their behalf. You will receive photographs and progress reports on your “adopted” child.

With your gift to FACES, doubt is replaced with knowledge, loneliness is replaced with connections, and helplessness is replaced with hope. These are gifts that can never be repaid, but you can be assured, they change the lives of those who receive them.

If you are interested in participating in the Adopt-A-Face program, please contact us.

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