Featured Video: Cranio-Facial Conditions Acceptance

Cranio-Facial Conditions Acceptance: Face Equality International · Smile Train · FACES National Craniofacial Assn. · CCA Kids.org · My Face.org · American Cleft-Palate/CranioFacial Assn.

Facial disfigurement, whether related to genetics or trauma, is a neglected global human rights issue. In many countries, Craniofacial differences goes hand-in-hand with poverty, prejudice, and exclusion — not to mention low self-esteem in the global ‘look-perfect’ culture, isolation, bullying, staring and questioning in public places, low expectations in school, problems getting work, discrimination in the workplace, abuse on social media and stereotyping in the media.

For those reasons, and despite the unprecedented times stemming from the Covid-19 pandemic, the 35-member non-government organizations of the Face Equality International alliance decided to push forward with the second annual digital campaign.

They highlighted the issues and prejudices people with facial differences experience, including health inequalities, online abuse, and hate crime. This year’s campaign will continue to reshape the narrative around what it’s really like to live with a facial difference right now, by telling real-life stories from across the globe and challenging misconceptions. With a series of films, and a social media based #FaceEquality ‘Selfie Challenge’, the campaign for Face Equality strives for a world where differences are respected, valued, and celebrated.

According to James Partridge, founder and director of Face Equality International: “With many people around the world in lockdown and physically separated from their friends and loved ones, our intention is to show that all human faces should carry equal value. We hope that instilling a ‘new’ face value as part of the new normal as we emerge from the pandemic.”

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