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Dear Diabetes,
How are you these days? I see you are continuing to do your thing, sneaking up on people—quietly and efficiently moving in while no one is paying much attention, bringing all your nasty baggage and getting comfortable. You are enormous, but quiet and sneaky, and complicated. You come in all kinds of different forms, sometimes you are even hard for us to recognize. You seem to be growing and getting more and more powerful all the time, spreading around the world, continuing to take your toll on people, families and communities. Do you think that we don’t see you? Or maybe that you are so big and powerful that we can’t stop you? I guess it might seem that way to you, but you are wrong. We see you, and we are powerful, too.
We are here, always watching you and your devious ways. We are the bright side to your dark, an army of thousands of brilliant scientists and researchers who work every day to understand how it is that you do what you do, and how to stop you in your tracks. We are learning new things about you all the time and constantly putting new obstacles in your path along the way—to slow you down and keep you out of our lives. I promise you that we will learn all your tricks. It might take some time, but we are never going to stop until we have figured you out completely.
In the meantime, we have millions of friends on our side—health care providers, policy makers, community workers, family and friends. We all talk and work together, and we don’t want you around. All of us are taking steps right now to make sure it gets more difficult for you to infiltrate our lives and our communities. So, if it seems like it is getting harder for you to do your thing, you are right. You are in our sights, and we are everywhere that you are, and we won’t stop until you are gone for good.
Sincerely committed to the fight,
Mara Darsow, PhD
SVP, Research and Community Programs, American Diabetes Association

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