East Orange: Hospital Replaces In-Room Televisions With Bedside Tablets

Sources: PR Log; Pad In Motion

When faced with replacing more than 100 in-room televisions, East Orange General Hospital identified a favorable alternative. Patients now use HIPAA-compliant tablets from PadInMotion to access television, news, music and games as well as patient education materials, wellness offerings and hospital service information. The bedside tablets also provide communication applications for video-calling with loved ones and with members of the care team.

Paige Dworak, the hospital’s president and CEO, says, “For years, we’ve struggled financially to replace broken televisions and outdated cable equipment given other clinical investment needs. With PadInMotion, we provide a modern-day TV, streaming, gaming, and education platform to all of our patients. This technology enables us to make significant improvements to the way we engage patients, and the way patients connect to the outside world – (both) in a very cost-effective way.”

Jeff Kridel, the hospital’s Senior Director Of IT operations, adds, “The process was painless, and we’ve had an incredibly enthusiastic response from patients and caregivers.”

The tablets display the hospital’s branding and provide ready access to online TV via ABC, Pluto TV, The CW, and YouTube as well as access to services such as Netflix and Hulu. Beyond this, they serve as a single point of access for news, music and games as well as educational materials, wellness and recovery resources, discharge planning information, and more.

PadInMotion recently added Care Team Connect — video connectivity of hospitalized patients with members of their care team. PadInMotion also offers EZCall, an application created to overcome challenges of using Skype, ZOOM and other similar applications for hospital-based video-calling with loved ones.

“Remote communication is a must-have due to COVID-19. Visitor restrictions cause patients to feel isolated. Gowning up to enter rooms is time- and cost- intensive,” Dworak said. “Video engagement helps patients feel reassured and helps staff continue to deliver exceptional care. We’re streamlining remote connectivity among patients, caregivers and loved ones.”

Nir Altman, the CEO of PadInMotion, says “East Orange leadership has worked diligently in recent years to maintain financial solvency. That’s difficult on a community,” said “We’re pleased to support this hospital’s positive step forward with innovative technology that’s proven to increase patient satisfaction, improve outcomes and reduce costs.

East Orange Hospital has operationalized 95 tablets across its medical-surgical units, and plans call for an additional 25 additional tablets in emergency, ICU, same-day surgery and outpatient dialysis departments. The hospital is now evaluating PadInMotion to enable tablet-based language translation, telemedicine visits, and meal ordering.

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