Energizing Coffee Substitutes

By Adrienne Nettles, BlackDoctor.org
Green Tea is possibly one of the most common coffee substitutes, but for good reason. Along with numerous health benefits, it also contains caffeine as well as antioxidants and can replace your hot or cold morning coffee.

Ginseng Tea
can improve both your mental and physical performance while reducing your risk for cold or flu. It’s great as a tea and similar to green tea, has antioxidant benefits.
Chai Tea spices stimulate your digestive system and improve oxygen circulation. You can even order chai tea in a latte at most coffee shops, which tastes extremely similar to its coffee counterpart.
Even just the scent of Cinnamon can reduce fatigue and make you more alert according to studies. Try it in a vanilla milk such as almond or coconut for a sweetness close to your morning latte.
Vitamin B12 enhances your energy and boosts your metabolism — needed for those who need physical endurance. Take it in supplement form in the morning with cold water to wake up.

Coconut Water
is the ultimate answer for dehydration. It’s fueled with electrolytes and is a good choice for an afternoon pick-me-up.

Nut Smoothies
with ingredients such as peanut or almond butter or any of the nut milks are a sure-fire jump in your energy level.

Green Smoothies
are said to give you even more energy that what you get from coffee. They have green, leafy vegetables like spinach and kale which have magnesium, which produces energy.
Add Flaxseed to your morning smoothies. It’s packed with more energy boosting minerals than many of your average fruits and vegetables. For example, it has seven times more potassium than a banana.
Wheatgrass Juice is literally like a breath of fresh air: it helps with the transportation of oxygen throughout your body, giving you more energy. If juicing it yourself isn’t an option or you’re not near a juice bar, you can buy it as a powder and add it to your drinks.

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