Fairfield: Retro Fitness Owner Has a Mission to Give Back

Soruce: Retro Fitness Fairfield
One fitness center in New Jersey is elevating what it means to be “fit”, and has a mission to give back to numerous non-profits while helping local residents and business owners realize their best self via a wellness program that impacts their life in a holistic way.
“I decided to get into this business for many reasons, but at the forefront of my decision to own a large fitness center was always the idea that we are here to help our members and our community live a healthier life,” said Marinaccio. “That means we need to always give back, and support our local non-profits, while at the same time, keep our bodies as fit as possible in order to live a fuller, happier life.”
Retro Fitness Fairfield owner Michael Marinaccio always has a fundraiser planned, usually in honor of a member who struggled with a disease, died from heart issues, or has suffered from other issues. Some of the fundraisers have raised many thousands of dollars for worthy causes such as The American Heart Association, Alzheimer’s non-profits, Autism, Toys for Tots, and for women’s shelters in New Jersey.
Retro Fitness Fairfield sprawls 34,000 square feet with over 200 pieces of equipment including 100 devoted solely for cardio. Other features include a large selection of free weights and select rise equipment, cable machines, a cardio movie theater, and a NEO (New Exercise Order) training room, perfect for teams and staff from businesses.
The world’s successful companies, such as Apple, Twitter, and Google, offer their employees exercise programs among their perks. Retro Fitness Fairfield announced they are launching a new program, featuring a month of free training, aimed at helping businesses grow and prosper while helping their employees enjoy the benefits of workouts.

At least 30 minutes, three times a week, will make you 15 percent more likely to have a much higher job performance. At the same time, businesses who offer their staff gym memberships see a 27 percent reduced rate of absenteeism.

“We have such an amazing fitness center right in Fairfield, and time and time again, we see members who start out sluggish and unhappy with their health or appearance,” said Marinaccio. “After a few months, it’s like a magic button was pressed, because these same people are laughing at the gym, working out with a smile and looking plus feeling a lot better.
“I know from my own experience how exercise can make not just your muscles but your business stronger. This is a great way for local businesses to do something fantastic for their employees, and also for their bottom line. Most insurance companies pay back businesses when their staff participates in some kind of exercise program.”

To learn more, contact Michael Marinaccio at retrofitness3 @ gmail.com or call 973.339.7912.

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