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Autism Awareness Month: Autism Spectrum Disorder

Brighter Futures for Beautiful Minds (BFBM) creates mobile applications, software and videos for the developing child using mobile technology and the internet to help children understand the world around them and empower them to succeed in their world.
BFBM, the creators of the Wonkido Visual Organizer for Kids and the Animated series Wonkido and Friends, utilizes advanced technology combined with the most up to date research to help our children learn daily social and organizational skills for lifelong success.
I am often asked what were the challenges that inspired the BFBM team to create advanced learning tools for developmentally challenged children.  The answer, like most endeavors is not simple and began with the raising of my second child who is on the Autistic Spectrum with PDD-NOS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Not Otherwise Specified).
When my son was 2 he used one-word phrases to communicate. When he was 2 ½ we would watch him with toy letters spell words all over the floor that were not in his vocabulary or his ability to speak. By the time Evan was 3 going on to 4 he used only movie quotes to speak.  His language comprised of only phrases he had seen on television.
Once I realized that I was not alone in raising a developmentally challenged child, the goal became simple and clear: Create improved products that will not only help children with developmental challenges but raise awareness to assist as many children as possible. As I watched my son develop, I saw how motivated he was to succeed, how loving he was to the outside world, yet how limited his natural development was. I started this organization because I wanted him to have a brighter future for his beautiful mind.
Tricia Sulpizio Estrada, MA
Founder and President

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