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by Emily Helck
Jersey City, New Jersey

…Here’s the deal: In July of 2012 I was diagnosed with breast cancer.
I had a bilateral mastectomy, did chemo and radiation, and recently finished Herceptin. This blog…I’m sorry to say…(is) not for the faint of heart (breast?), squeamish or sensitive…

From The Huffington Post:
For the previous 28 years, my hair had…refused to curl, crimp or do much of anything besides lie flat, but in general, we got along…Cancer ignited a transformation, and took me from normal-looking woman to genderless cancer alien…My cancer tells were numerous, but none so arresting as the baldness…

From ABC News.com:
Over the past year…When someone would ask, “How are you?” I never replied, “Well, my radiation burns are making my skin melt off my body, and I’m terrified about what’s next.” Instead I would say I’m fine, to avoid embarrassing myself, and the other person…

(O)ne friend…said she was sorry that she didn’t know what to say — “I just feel like screaming.” She was right…(T)hat expression of honest emotion was so much more comforting than a canned line about resilience…

From Medical Daily.com:
A big part of the power that this disease has is that it makes people afraid…For me, the unknown is almost always worse than the reality. My hope is that by showing what it looks like to go through treatment, I can shine a light on a little bit of that unknown.

Support Groups and Online Resources

http://community.breastcancer.org · http://stupidcancer.org
http://www.youngsurvival.org · http://www.cancercare.org

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