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Door-Mounted Punching/Training/Martial Arts Workout Bag
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Source: Stealthboxer.net
The patent-pending StealthBoxer allows anyone to bring the cardiovascular, strength and endurance benefits of boxing and martial arts workouts into their home, apartment, dorm and office, even if they do not have the space, structure or budget to accommodate a traditional heavy bag set-up.
Promoted as the Train Anywhere, Train Anytime solution, StealthBoxer was conceived by research professional Dan Rector while still an undergraduate at Fordham University in the Bronx. Rector solved the problem on campus, improvising his first door-mounted punching bag for his Fordham dorm. He worked with The Foundry at Fordham, a professional business advisement and support group available to entrepreneurs. The Foundry provided vital guidance and objective 3rd party feedback.
Rector points out the problem with everyone being able to benefit is that typical punching bag set-ups require complicated and space demanding installations. “Most bags require either heavy-duty ceiling mounts and a infrastructure to support it; a large standing frame or rack that dominates the user’s space, or a sand or water-filled base that becomes a difficult-to-move, almost permanent roommate,” he says. StealthBoxer eliminates these issues and provides additional benefits.

“I grew up with heavy and speed bags in my home. From exercise to just taking study breaks, the punching bags got a lot of use. When I went away to school I definitely missed that.”

StealthBoxer uses a bracket which easily slides on any door, which must be closed securely when it is in use.mounted, setup for each training session takes less than five seconds as the striking pad goes from its closed, zero-footprint, position to being open, locked and ready to use. At the end of each workout, the pad is returned to its closed position with a stored depth less than that of the doorknob, freeing up 100% of the user’s living or work space.
“Boxing workouts are considered to be among the best and most popular routines for cardiovascular conditioning, strength and weight loss,” says Rector. “A variety of studies also suggest beneficial effects for physical therapy, older adults, Parkinson’s patients and children with ADHD.”
StealthBoxer is available in two versions: The basic StealthBoxer unit with the top-mount bracket and StealthBoxer Pro with includes a bottom of the door bracket and tension bands for increased punching resistance. Both are available at considerably less cost than a traditional heavybag configuration. In addition to the cost savings, StealthBoxer saves space and is easily moved.
A traditional heavy bag set up including bag, rack, and mounting hardware costs upwards of $300 or more. And an additional point that Rector is proud to make is that the company was able to bring StealthBoxer to market as a 100% designed and made in the USA!

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