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Infection Prevention Week “Clean Greeting” video contest

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To spread the message that everyone plays a role in infection prevention, Home Health Radiology Services is proud to support the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) International Infection Prevention Week, which occurs globally October 19-25.
International Infection Prevention Week (IIPW) is a good time to celebrate the work that is being done to engage both the health care community and the the public in their own infection prevention care,” says YourHHRS News.com editor Adrienne Collier. To emphasize that everyone plays a role in infection prevention, APIC has created many resources and activities available for both the public and healthcare professionals that you can find at their Web site.
The 2014 IIPW theme is antibiotic resistance. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that each year in the United States, at least 2 million people become infected with bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics, and at least 23,000 people die each year as a direct result. In an effort to educate the public about this issue, APIC has released the infographic The ABC’s of Antibiotics and the PDF Top 5 Questions Consumers Should Ask their Healthcare Providers about Antibiotics.
“In the wake of the threats from not only Ebola and the D68 enterovirus, but the flu, MSRA, and a resistant strain of gonorrhea, we will be working extra hard at educating everyone this year,” Adrienne Collier adds. “Our goal is to increase awareness of everyone’s role in infection prevention practices, whether you’re in or outside of a healthcare facility.

“If you or a loved one is going into the hospital, remember: clean hands are essential to preventing infections. It is okay to ask healthcare providers to clean their hands before touching you. Patients and visitors need to do the same. Infection prevention is everyone’s responsibility.”

Established in 1986, APIC has spearheaded the effort to highlight the importance of infection prevention among healthcare professionals, administrators, legislators, and the pubilc. Learn more about APIC on Facebook and Twitter (#infectionprevention and #IIPW). And click below for:

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