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Lung Health/Nicotine Addiction Awareness: American Lung Association: Diseases · LungForce.org Patient Advocacy · American Cancer Society 2021 Great American Smokeout Nov. 18 · Youth Tobacco/Vaping Prevention · njQuitLine.org: 1-866-NJ STOPS

Source: njQuitLine.org

When nicotine is drawn into the lungs, it only takes 7 – 10 seconds for the nicotine to be delivered to the brain.

Once the nicotine is in the brain, the pleasurable effects, such as relaxation and happiness are released.

The brain develops nicotine receptors that multiply over time depending on the length of time and amount a person smokes.

It only takes about two hours before the nicotine receptors want more and withdrawal starts.

Nicotine is NOT a relaxant; it is a stimulant that raises blood pressure, pulse, and heart rate.

E-cigarette aerosol is NOT harmless “water vapor”. The aerosol from e-cigarettes emit dangerous toxins such as heavy metals, ultrafine particulate, and cancer-causing agents.

The New Jersey Quitline (NJQL) is a free telephone program dedicated to help NJ Residents quit using tobacco products.
The NJQL has 30 years of experience of providing behavior change support and helps over 1,000 lives per day.

Their Web site includes resources and tools to support your decision to quit tobacco. Quit Coaches are available and interpreters for languages other than English can be arranged.

Quitline Users have access to: self-help materials, counseling, emails, wellness portal, referral to NJ Quit Centers, and two free weeks of Nicotine Replacement Patches for qualified, enrolled clients.

Visit njQuitLine.org or call toll free 1-866-NJ STOPS. You do not have to quit alone.

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