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Men’s Health Awareness Month: Health Facts ·
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Men’s Health Month, now in its 23rd year, is credited with the increase in awareness and wellness activities for boys and men in all areas of the public and private sectors, resulting in better health outcomes and longer life expectancy.
“Men’s Health Month is an essential component in helping to educate the public in health disparities between men and women. Men continue to have fewer regular doctor visits than women, and are less likely to have health insurance,” said Ana Fadich, VP of Men’s Health Network. “It is exciting to see the continued support of Men’s Health Month from policymakers, state and federal legislators, the media, and our private and non-profit partners who help spread the word about the month.”
“As we know from our online screening program, many men seek help online for mental health concerns—often for the first time. However, too often, men avoid the topic of mental health due to the conflicting viewpoints about masculinity, sensitivity, and emotional health,” said Paul Gionfriddo, President and CEO of Mental Health America.”This month and every month, it’s important for men of all ages to address their mental health before crisis stage.”
Earlier this spring, a federal health task force released new recommendations impacting prostate cancer screenings for men. And new data from the National Center for Health Statistics reports that the life expectancy for certain segments of men has declined.
“You can’t address a health issue without knowing it exists. Almost all of the health problems facing men are preventable. Problems stemming from health have a negative impact on the community as a whole—it causes the destruction of families,” said Jean Bonhomme, MD, Founder of the Black Men’s Health Network. “Education and awareness through efforts like Men’s Health Month are essential in getting men to be more engaged in their health.”

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