Featured Video: Mental Illness/Suicide Intervention for Teens and Young Adults


New Jersey Mental Illness Counseling
And Suicide Prevention

OK2TAlk.org · 1-800-273-TALK · New Jersey Hopeline 1-855-654-6735
New Jersey Division of Mental Health Services

Suicide Warning Signs

· Talking of:
– wanting to die
– “wishing” one were dead
– killing oneself
· Feelings of:
– hopelessness
– that there is no reason to live
– being trapped
– being in unbearable pain
– that you are a burden to others
– worthlessness
· Increasing one’s use of alcohol or drugs.
· Appearing anxious or agitated; behaving recklessly with little regard to one’s future safety
· Exploring ways to kill oneself, such as searching for methods online or buying a gun
· Changes in sleeping habits
· Becoming withdrawn, reserved or isolated
· Showing rage or talking about seeking revenge
· Displaying extreme mood swings
Teens and young adults who suffer from mental illness can feel hopeless and alone. Many don’t know what’s wrong with them but feel like it’s their fault. Those who understand what is happening fear they can’t be helped.
Because of the stigma attached to mental illness, it’s often hard for those suffering and their families and friends to talk about what they’re going through. But help is available, and it works.

The goal of OK2TALK.org is to create a community for teens and young adults struggling with mental health problems and encourage them to talk about what they’re experiencing by sharing their personal stories of recovery, tragedy, struggle or hope.

Anyone can add their voice by sharing creative content such as poetry, inspirational quotes, photos, videos, song lyrics and messages of support in a safe, moderated space. We hope this is the first step towards getting help and feeling better.

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