Featured Video: Pain Management and Anesthesiology of New Jersey


Pain Management and Anesthesiology
of New Jersey (Cedar Knolls)

Board Certified pain management physician Dr. Mikhail Solomonov is one of the top pain management doctors in NJ.
For any type of pain call his office at 973-998-7868 or contact online.
Realizing the significance of pain management in our day-to-day lives will even put you in a better standing to realize the important of pain management.
Pain management is actually the process of getting in control of the pain you’re experience rather than letting the pain to dominate you .
Pain is a feeling which can’t be prevented and we will undoubtedly experience pain due to a variety of reasons at one phase of our life. Thus, we need to control pain management or get yourself a pain management doctor in NJ to help us.

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