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Autism Awareness:
Severe Autism, Seizures and Self-Injurious Behavior

By: Kim Oakley
Autism is Complex disorder that can be easily misdiagnosed by well-meaning professionals. What is behind surge in autism epidemic/explosion?
According to Associated Content, “Detroit experts say autism is overdiagnosed.” Moreover, Time Magazine alluded to Jenny McCarthy’s son never being autistic and having Landau Kleffner syndrome — could that explain why he “recovered” after he took seizure meds? And what about Donna Williams? The high functioning adult who has written books and who was just recently diagnosed with DID (dis-associative personality disorder) aka multiple personality disorder. How is possible an autistic person has a multiple personality disorder in the clinical sense?
Investigations into autism diagnosis for profit and gain are needed — dare journalists pursue this? How many fake cases are out there pretending to be autistic? The public is being grossly misled as to what authentic autism really is.
Autism isn’t cured in a few years, if it’s ever cured. Yet, these stories swamp the market. Follow the money. And Amanda Baggs? She is considered a complete FRAUD by anyone who understands real autism. Indeed, her background shows she did LSD and other drugs that scrambled her mind. As for Dr. Gupta from CNN, it is shocking this doctor was fooled by an obvious fraudluent case feigning autism. This is a major failure in journalism.
And critical thinking. How can we effectively treat autism if we are swamped with misdiagnosed autistic cases shown to us by an ill-informed media? How many journalists have actually researched what real autism is? And compared that to what they are being told is autism?
Yes, there is a spectrum, but there is a radical difference between autism and other things that can look like autism. Example, back in 1990’s, when my son was first presenting as autistic, my son was tested for everything under the sun before an official diagnosis of autism. Everything that could look like autism was ruled OUT before autism label permanently applied. Seems this isn’t the case these days.
Now, we find professionals so ignorant as to what real autism really is, they just slap the label on every kid that stacks blocks, flaps his hands a few times or averts an occasional gaze. More and more children with Non-autistic motor stereotypes, ADHD, OCD and Rett’s Syndrome are commonly misdiagnosed as autistic. this is NOT helping people on the autistic spectrum and CONFUSES autism research. No wonder autism experts aren’t sure, don’t know and are forever baffled.

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