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Source: NationalBlackAIDsDay.org
NJCRI distinguishes itself by its 25 year history. Over 25 years of providing HIV/AIDS care and treatment to individuals in Northern New Jersey. It is a team effort and it is this very synergy between each department that makes NJCRI unique and a welcome oasis for our community. We will continue to adapt and support our clients with essential and innovative services.
The North Jersey Community Research Initiative (NJCRI) is one of New Jersey’s largest and most comprehensive HIV/AIDS community-based organization.

Our mission is to “empower our clients by reducing social and health disparities in the greater Newark area.”

Over the past 27 years of service NJCRI has adapted and changed to rally the fight against HIV/AIDS, as well as providing important social services to our community. In 1988, the initial focus was to provide clinical trials in Newark so that those infected with the HIV virus could gain access to promising investigational treatments. At that time patients were required to travel to New York to receive these services. NJCRI was the first AIDS service organization in New Jersey to provide medical care to those with HIV. Our staff have published more than 20 research articles and have presented their research findings at local, national and international AIDS conferences.
Today with over 25 different grant-funded programs, NJCRI continues to be on the cutting edge of HIV treatment. We understand that HIV is much larger than just a medical issue, and take pride in providing those in the midst of health disparities with the opportunity to improve their quality of life. We have taken a holistic approach by streamlining all our services and creating a one-stop resource center for our clients. Named after an esteemed and respected former colleague, the Dr. George Perez Medical Care Center provides care and treatment to both HIV negative and HIV positive patients alike.
Additional services we offer include behavioral research, chronic illness management education, street outreach, substance abuse treatment, transportation, food pantry, syringe exchange, an adult drop-in center for the homeless , and many LGBTQ services including a drop-in center for LGBTQ youth. We are also strong community advocates and provide technical assistance to other community-based organizations in our area. Approximately over 9,000 people avail themselves of our free and confidential services each year.

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