Strong Arm Selfie 2016: Flex Your Muscles for Colorectal Cancer, Generate a Donation

Source: Fight ColoRectal
Colorectal cancer is the second-leading cause of cancer deaths in the U.S. Yet, it has a 90% survival rate when caught early. To raise awareness, encourage screening and unite the over one million survivors of the disease, Fight Colorectal Cancer and Mayo Clinic have created their second #StrongArmSelfie campaign. Just post a photo of of a flexed “strong arm” or other message of support on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Google+ or Flickr.

For every photo posted that is tagged with @FightCRC, #StrongArmSelfie and #OMScollection, Bayer HealthCare will donate $1 to Fight Colorectal Cancer. You can view the collection here.

An estimated 132,700 people were diagnosed in 2015. “Nearly 50,000 people die from colorectal cancers each year, but it’s actually quite preventable,” says Dr. Paul Limburg of the Mayo Clinic, which provides additional information about the disease here.
“We’re pleased to participate in this campaign with Fight Colorectal Cancer and encourage screening and prevention. Colon cancer screening is highly effective and there are many options. We want everyone to know that the best screening test is simply the one that gets done.”
Anjee Davis, president of Fight CRC, agrees. “We are so energized by this project because March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. We feel very fortunate to have this opportunity to join forces via social media. We know that together we’ll be able to reach patients and their families with an extraordinarily important message about strength and prevention of colorectal cancer.”

Only 1 in 3 adults age 50 & older have been screened for colorectal cancer.
Risk factors:
alcohol; smoking; obesity; poor diet and nutrition; family history.
Prevention factors: screenings; regular exercise; diet of fruit, vegetables and whole grains; healthy body weight; red meat limitations.

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