Fighting Depression Subject of New Colossal Street Jam Song



Seconds is the new single and video from the latest release No Way To Live from Colossal Street Jam.

The video was produced by Soto/Sinestra Studios in New York City with actress/model Jaime Ileana playing the lead role. According to a band statement, “We recorded with Tony Lewis of HiVoltage Studios in Red Bank, NJ. Tony has become our sixth member with his producing and engineering skills — we have done our last three releases with him.

“The song is about depression and not waiting too long to act on it. The idea for the song came from how many friends and acquaintances we were seeing struggling with depression whether online or in person, and unfortunately, some taking their own lives over the last few years.

“We tried to look at it from the angle of doing something for yourself before it’s too late. The line “Seconds ticking down, time to act” is now is the answer to every verse that speaks about issues or signs of depression.”

“We chose Seconds as the first single and video because it was just a bit different than what we thought people would expect from us, and it kind of sets the serious tone of most of the release.”


Click above for New Jersey mental health support, here for a directory of a New Jersey Mental Health Resources.

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