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The FASTER Act, which went into effect on January 1, 2023, ensures products containing sesame will be labeled. Unfortunately, we are disappointed and concerned that many baking companies are intentionally adding sesame flour to their products to avoid the cost of cleaning their lines.

When we at FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education) first heard of this practice earlier this year, we encouraged members of the American Bakers Association to do the right thing by and clean their lines to provide safe and sesame-free products.

In addition to the life-threatening nature of anaphylactic food allergies, they can also impact other parts of children’s lives: One common problem that many children with food allergies have to deal with is teasing or bullying about their food allergy. More than 30 percent of children with food allergies report being teased or bullied about their food allergies.

Many children (and adults) don’t understand how serious these allergies are, or how scary it can be to be teased with the food. Education about food allergies and helping your child cope with being teased or bullied.

If your child is having trouble with others trying to chase them with the allergic food or sneak the food into something your child is eating, reach out to the school to formulate a plan to keep your child safe.

Most restaurants in major cities make it easy to understand a menu, but attempting to discuss more severe allergies or dietary restrictions with a language barrier can be frustrating for both you and your server.

That is why we have created translation cards designed with a professional team of chefs, servers, parents, and people who have traveled with dietary restrictions. Our name, Equal Eats, was created with a simple concept in mind: No one should feel out on tasty food because of allergies, a language barrier, or fear for their life. Our professional translation cards are an essential tool to better help you enjoy food, everywhere.

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