Freehold Chiropractor Wins Award; Jackson School Principal gets duct-taped to benefit children's cancer

Sources: Hometown Family Wellness Center; Jersey Shore Online
Every year, the Asbury Park Press announces its Reader’s Choice Awards. The award for Best Monmouth County Chiropractor for 2017 goes to the top rated chiropractor in Freehold, NJ, Dr. Russell Brokstein of Hometown Family Wellness Center.
Dr. Brokstein grew up in Freehold, NJ. He came back to the town to give back to the community he loves. In 2005 he opened Hometown Family Wellness center. He quickly became the highest rated chiropractor online. Patients continue to share their raving reviews on Google, Yelp, RateMDs, Healthgrades, Facebook and other sites so others can experience what makes Dr. Brokstein the top chiropractor in the county.
Dr. Brokstein says, “As a premed student, I always wanted to help people be more healthy naturally without drugs or surgery. I am thankful that Dr. Mitchell, the Dean of Premed at Penn State, suggested that I look into chiropractic. Chiropractic takes a different approach from traditional medicine.
“We find the cause of a patient’s problems, not just prescribe medications that mask symptoms and have harmful side effects. Once we find the cause, adjustments, nutrition, guiding on home stretching and exercise, stress reduction techniques and sensitivity reduction improve patient’s health naturally.
“Many patients tell us our care is different than any other chiropractor they have been to due to our holistic approach. They also appreciate us spending more time at their visits to address their underlying cause of their conditions.
“I thank everybody who voted for us as the Best Monmouth County chiropractor for 2017.”

If you are searching for a chiropractor in central NJ, give Dr. Brokstein a call 732-780-0044 to experience why so many patients rave about Hometown Family Wellness Center or go to

Students and staff at Rosenauer Elementary School had some fun recently duct-taping their principal Ronald Polakowski to a wall.
Polakowski didn’t mind being bound to a wall as it was all part of some fun at the school to celebrate raising $1,080 to support Ocean of Love, a charity that supports children with cancer.
The school raised the money as part of a billboard fundraiser by radio station 105.7 The Hawk.

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