Hackensack Chiropractor Cracks Stigmas

Source: Hackensack Daily Voice
Chiropractor Mark Goldstein huddles over an adjusting table in the back of a Hackensack gym.
He feels his way around his client’s neck and instructs her to breathe before — *CRACK, CRACK.*
In a split second, the physician had readjusted his client, something he and Maximum Health & Wellness employees will be doing more of — along with massage therapy — at the company’s new Retro Fitness Hackensack location.

“It’s not just getting adjusted and leaving — It’s about giving them 30 minutes, at least, of their day where they can forget about bills, kids and struggles — just get healthy and relax.”

The Suffern, N.Y. native had been working for a subsidiary of AT&T in the early 1990s when he decided to pursue something related to his fascinations with fitness and the human body.
Goldstein returned to school to become a licensed chiropractor before opening up three offices in New York City with his business partner, Michael Kolin.
Their offices, though, offered something different.
“Back in the day when I went to school, people were talking about chiropractics, physical therapy and orthopedics without much of a synergy,” said Goldstein, formerly of Mahwah. “They each had their own vibe. We combined the three.”
Goldstein sees his holistic approach to health and wellness thriving in fitness facilities, starting with Hackensack and Hoboken, where people are already working toward maintaining or achieving better health.
The physician plans on opening another wellness center in Tenafly by the end of the year.
At the very least, Goldstein hopes people will try his integrative approach.
“I wish the world understood that chiropractic therapy has really good benefits if you allow it to,” Goldstein said.
“It gets a lot of resistance from people who’ve been burned in the past.
“Don’t allow other peoples’ thought processes influence yours before you’ve done it yourself,” he said.

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