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Head Lice Awareness: Nat’l. Pediculosis Assoc. (HeadLice.org) · LiceMeister Comb

It’s the time of year for many communities across the nation to prepare their kids for returning to the classroom. The National Pediculosis Association (NPA) encourages parents to screen their children’s hair for pediculosis so these students can join their friends free of lice and their nits (lice eggs).

That means being diligent about pediculosis – a communicable parasitic disease that is well established among the childhood population. The NPA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to setting the highest possible public health standards to protect children from both head lice and the risky pesticide-based lice products that are too often used.

NPA reports that the safest, most cost effective, reliable method of head lice management is to always have a quality stainless steel lice and nit removal comb such as the LiceMeister comb; to know what to look for; and understand the importance of regularly combing for — and removing — lice and nits.

“Those who have a quality lice comb can identify and successfully handle an infestation early and safely, when there are fewer lice and nits present. Everyone wins when everyone combs!” said Deborah Altschuler, President of the NPA. And according to the Pediatric Dermatology medical journal, “diagnosis of louse infestation using a louse comb is four times more efficient and twice as fast than direct visual examination.”

We all know that there’s a lot going on when school begins – especially when it still feels like summer. But early detection will pay time-saving dividends over being caught by surprise. There’s a wonderful peace of mind among families when they share responsibility for ensuring that their children will be arriving to the classroom free of pediculosis and ready to learn.

Resources are available now at LiceMeister.com, including a video tutorial on how to use the LiceMeister comb.

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