Health Myths for Seniors; Avocado Health Benefits

Sources: The Trentonian; QueueMedia

It’s estimated that every day, 10,000 Americans turn 65 years old. Some of these people, unfortunately, have misconceptions about their health that can jeopardize it, such as:

If I feel fine, therefore I am fine: Chronic infections can last so long that the way they feel becomes “the new normal” when it shouldn’t be.

Sleep isn’t important anymore: Older adults need the same seven to nine hours of sleep they did when younger.

It’s too late to start exercising: Check with your doctor and start slowly, but there’s no reason why seniors can’t get in some exercise (even if they’ve never done it before).

Drink water only when you’re thirsty — dry mouth is just part of aging: You may need hydration before you even notice or before you feel like you need it. Maintaining proper oral hygiene is important at any age, and especially for denture wearers who, even with no teeth, benefit from a regular oral hygiene routine for them.

A specially formulated toothpaste such as Cleanadent safely cleans gums, dentures, implants, overdentures and full-arch implant bridges; in addition, it can treat and even prevent dry mouth, sore spots and infections.

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