Help With the Respiratory Ailments Of Veterans; Tom’s River Toy Drive for Their Children

Sources: Associated Press; Ma DeuceDeuce

President Joe Biden, whose son Beau was an Iraq war veteran, has announced a new initiative to better understand, identify and treat medical conditions suffered by troops deployed to toxic environments.

The effort will center on lung problems suffered by troops who breathe in toxins and the potential connection between rare cancers and time spent overseas breathing poor air. Federal officials plan to start by examining lung and breathing problems but say they will expand the effort as science identifies potential new connections.

The effort is also be designed to make it easier for veterans to make claims based on their symptoms, to collect more data from veterans who are suffering, and to give veterans more time to make medical claims after symptoms such as asthma and sinus problems develop.


Can’t donate in person? You can have toys shipped to Farro’s Tees via the MA22/Audrey’s Toy Chest Gift Registry.

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