Highland Park Social Worker Publishes Book About “Emotional Resilience”

Source: HealingRoadCounseling.com

Yudelka Columna, came to the United States with big dreams and hoped to find a better life for her and her children. Working long hours to get her Master’s Degree in Social Work in a foreign country without any support, Columna knew things would be hard but necessary, and now she wants to teach you how she did it.

In her book Emotional Resilience: Practical Solutions For Overcoming Challenges to Thrive in Life, Columna shares 12 practical steps that allowed her to become resilient and helped her flourish amidst the chaos and hardships that came her way.

Emotional Resilience was written to help individuals flourish even during the most challenging times in their lives and come out healthier and happier. This book is a guideline and framework to achieving tangible, lasting success while taking back control of your life.

“For me, it seemed that toxic optimism permeated modern life, Ms. Columna says. “People seemed so out-of-touch and sometimes condescending by expecting you to simply brush yourself off when you fall, and assuming everything would be all right without providing any tangible, down-to-earth pieces of advice. If things were that easy, we wouldn’t be in this position in the first place. I want this book help people achieve their dreams and find their way.”

Emotional Resilience offers readers a twelve-step guide to becoming resilient, living your best life, and becoming more assertive in the process. Throughout this life-changing guide, readers will learn how to:

– Maintain a healthy mind and body by learning how to manage stress PROPERLY
– Immediately identify and correct your perfectionism before it takes over your life.
– Learn how to find the ULTIMATE balance in your life without burning yourself out
– Establish fundamental values, so you’ll know what you need to prioritize and focus on
– Cultivate healthy, nourishing relationships and learn to steer clear of toxic people

Emotional Resilience: Practical Solutions For Overcoming Challenges to Thrive in Life is available on Amazon; Kindle, Bookbaby; Barnes & Noble; and Audible. A Spanish version of the book is forthcoming.

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