Advanced Planning/Caregiving/Palliative And Hospice Care

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Source: Visiting Nurse Assn. Northern New Jersey

Hospice makes a meaningful difference in quality of life. In reality, its purpose is to ensure the best, most comfortable quality of life. In fact, several research studies have found that patients who received hospice care had a better quality of life and lived an average of three months longer than those who received standard care.

Hospice can be provided at home or at a dedicated facility. It can be provided at the patient’s residence or VNA Hospice is able to serve patients in senior living facilities or nursing homes.

Anyone who has a life-limiting condition, with a prognosis of six months or less, can receive hospice under Medicare, Medicaid and many private insurance plans. But the service isn’t limited to six months, since a patient can transition back to standard medical care based on changes in their condition.

A common myth about hospice is that it should commence after the patient experiences debilitating pain and symptoms. In truth, hospice is most beneficial when it begins as soon as the patient receives a life-limiting diagnosis. Furthermore, under Medicare and most insurance plans, the patient can choose a hospice provider.

Hospice care is based upon the needs and preferences of the patient and their immediate family. An individualized care plan is devised for every VNA Hospice patient and is frequently updated to respond to evolving needs.

Hospice support doesn’t end with the patient’s death. Hospice should ideally address the needs of both the patient and their immediate family.

Many organizations, including VNA, provide extended support in the difficult weeks and months following the passing of a loved one. VNA hospice social workers, chaplains and specially trained volunteers check in with family members and provide compassionate bereavement counseling to those who wish to receive it.

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