How Many Anti-Vaxxers Are Actually Quitting Their Jobs?


Wringing its hands at the sight of workers walking away from jobs when faced with simple vaccine mandates, a Wall Street Journal (WSJ) report focused on a portion of the workforce that has decided not to take a free, safe, and effective Covid vaccine. But as they needlessly blow up their careers and walk away from good-paying jobs, should it be treated as Big News by Big Media?

The WSJ report looked at anti-vaccine nurses who once worked at Virginia and West Virginia-based Valley Health System. But nearly 6,000 of the company’s 6,200 employees have complied with the vaccine mandate.

While epidemiologists estimate that 85 percent of the population needs to be vaccinated before the virus is truly under control, the media’s specific fixation on anti-vaxxers quitting their jobs seems misguided and clearly feeds off a lack of context.

WSJ made no mention that the government for nearly a century has “told us” to follow speed limits and to vaccine our children for mumps and measles if they want to attend public school. Yet today’s newfound anti-government radicals never objected.

More examples of major media outlets trying to normalize the (politically) nihilistic behavior of anti-vaxxers:

– The New York Times published a 2,000-word story about anti-vaxxers quitting their jobs focusing on public school employees in New York City, where 96 percent of workers have complied with the vaccine mandate. Why was the four percent who didn’t comply their “big” story?

– The Washington Post has shined a spotlight on journalists who have refused to get vaccinated and how their dismissals have created lots of media attention. But the article found barely a dozen examples of that happening nationwide.

USA Today reported that 1,887 Washington state employees had quit positions after Gov. Jay Inslee’s vaccine mandate went into effect — out of 63,000 employees.

Fox News recently claimed that every company implementing a vaccine mandate will “lose” 10 to 15% of its workforce. The national average has it as under 5 percent.

If grown men and women were to start walking out on their careers because the alternative was continuing to wear shoes at work, would they receive sympathetic press coverage? Or would their mental health be rightfully questioned?

Brainwashed Covid zombies will continue to walk away from good-paying jobs. The risk at which they are putting their families — and communities — is why they’re newsworthy.

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