How to make healthier smoothies

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You are on a roll! Eating better, making fresh smoothies; doing things “right”. But to your surprise, you step on the scale and the numbers aren’t going down. They might even be going up! What part of the game is that?!
Turns out, making a smoothie may not be as simple as just making a smoothie. These common smoothie-making mistakes can actually add pounds. If you find yourself doing these five things, stop immediately and adjust accordingly!
Fiber makes you feel fuller longer, helping you eat less throughout the day. How’s that for easy weight loss?! Getting more fiber into your diet also helps keep you regular by moving waste out of your body. For fiber-rich smoothies, add kale (has 2x the fiber of spinach), avocado, pear and flax seeds. Aim for at least 10 grams of fiber in your smoothie.
Are you still making smoothies with ice cubes and a bunch of fruit? You are missing an easy opportunity to get more energy-sustaining protein in your life! Curb those midday munchies by giving your body the protein it craves. Try using greek yogurt (which has more protein than regular yogurt) or almond or soy milk as a base for your smoothie instead of ice. Other good sources of protein you can add are nuts, nut butter and protein powder.
Fruit, by nature, is good for you. They are rich in fiber and nutrients and have natural sugar, which is much better than artificial sugars and sweeteners. However, that seven-fruit concoction might end up being more than 500 calories! Not to mention, the body burns fruit sugar quickly, making you feel hungry quickly after. Balance your fruit smoothie with filling protein like soy/almond milk, nuts or yogurt.
It’s understandable if you don’t want your green smoothie to taste like greens, but a single tablespoon of honey can add over 60 calories! Added sugar can be found in flavored milks, fruit-on-bottom yogurt and canned fruits in syrup. Avoid the extra sugar by going for unsweetened milk and plain yogurt. Any fruits you use will be sweet enough!
Yes, fresh juice is good. So are nut butters, oats, avocados, fruit and many other healthy things. But, putting them all together in one smoothie can definitely be too much of a good thing. Those calories will add up! Eat up – just in moderation.

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