How To Overcome Those End Of Summer Blues

Source: Asbury Park Press
Here in New Jersey, summer living is a joy — we have beaches, boating, parks, trails, mountains — you name it. The days feel endlessly long and our fervent lifestyles are a little more laid back for a few months.
And then, it’s over.
Regardless of whether or not you’re in the midst of the back-to-school frenzy, a change of seasons is often a little disconcerting. If you’re also managing other challenges in life, such as health issues, you can feel overwhelmed or even a little depressed about the end of the summer and adopting a whole new routine.
So here are some recommendations for keeping those positive summer vibrations close-by, but opening your mind to new ways to enjoy life and maintain your health:
Eat farmstand fresh year-round: Don’t stop eating all those brightly-colored fruit and vegetables just because the farmer’s market is closed for the season. Discover new places that offer these antioxidant-rich foods that ward off disease and taste delicious. Consider trying online ordering. My staff dietitian has given these services good reviews.

Make an adventure of the shorter days:
Take advantage of the longer nights and get out for a night of dancing, nighttime walks on the boardwalk, try a relaxation class or see a movie in one of the fancy new theaters with reclining seats or meal service.
Start vacation planning: Plan your next vacation now and save money by booking early. Daydream about how great you’re going to look and plan a shopping trip to buy clothing in a smaller size!

Kick Your holiday planning into gear:
Get ready for the holidays. Whether you deck every hall or have a more low-key holiday, envision the holidays 2017 now and plan accordingly.
Refresh your home on the inside: After spending so much time gardening, mowing and sprucing up the exterior of your home, spice up your interior décor. Paint a room, declutter the closets or treat yourself to a new couch.
Change up your exercise routine: Try-out that indoor pool included in your gym membership. Ask a few friends to be your walking partner instead of going solo. Don’t get in a rut doing the same fitness work-out day after day.
Dedicate time to self-care: Self-care is so important throughout your weight loss process, especially when you might be facing challenges. It is not selfish to prioritize your health. As we welcome a new season, look forward toward the great things on the road ahead. The effort you are making right now will reap great rewards.

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