In-Home Head Lice Treatment Now Available in New Jersey

LiceDoctors Head Lice Treatment and Nit Removal Service, the nation’s largest lice treatment service, announces the launch of its in-home head lice removal service in all counties of New Jersey. The company is well-established in over 85 metropolitan areas and has a solid track record of successfully treating over 125,000 clients.
According to owner, Wendy Beck, who has nearly 20 years experience in the field and is widely recognized as an expert on pediculosis (head lice), “We are so pleased to be able to help famiilies in New Jersey to get rid of their lice infestations. Our technicians receive extensive training and completely vetted before they are sent to treat families. They are experts in lice removal and in helping to keep families on an even keel during what some feel is an unsettling time. Our technicians also provide a lice 101 type education to families while treating them so that they know how to identify and protect themselves from lice going forward.”
Word has spread to doctors and school nurses as well as families about LiceDoctors from colleagues and friends in New York and Pennsylvania. According to Liz, a mom in Westfield, NJ, “My sister lives on Long Island and she has told me how all of her friends have LiceDoctors in their speed dial. As soon as they opened in NJ, I noticed my daughter scratching. I immediately called and they sent Nadine to me. She was a wonder and the whole experience was painless.”
LiceDoctors uses a copyrighted, all-natural lice treatment protocol developed 20 years ago by the company’s on-staff medical doctor. LiceDoctors is the only New Jersey lice treatment service with a board-certified medical doctor on staff. The treatment consists of a step by step removal of the lice and nits and then offers a simple do-it-yourself follow-up plan that corresponds to the life cycle of the louse to ensure that all aspects of the life cycle of lice are treated. LiceDoctors fully guarantees that the treatment plan works to eliminate all lice and eggs.
Beck further explains that “Part of the reason behind our success, besides the high efficacy of our treatment, is the convenience associated with house calls. Besides eliminating the need to gather up the familiy and drive to a salon where they may bump into someone they don’t want to see, there is the added element of flexibility. When each child has been treated at home, he or she can return to his or her activities rather than having to wait for siblings. This treatment option is designed to minimize stress on the family and optimize the treatment experience.”

LiceDoctors makes house calls in all counties in North Jersey, Central, and South Jersey. LiceDoctors can be contacted by phone at 800-224-2537 or by local phone number found online at They are available 365 days a year, day and evening.

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