Jersey City Medical Center, honor commitment to build Emergency Room in Greenville

Source: Coalition for Greenville Health Access
As our momentum is building, we believe it’s important we all stick together and stand up for Greenville. This is literally a “War on Racial Justice.” Jersey City Medical Center/Barnabas Health which is a nearly $6 billion machine has the resources to invest in Greenville but they aren’t.
Please join our fight and contribute to our cause as we fight against a machine attacking black and brown families.
Please tell JCMC not to walk away from Greenville and Jersey City and honor their commitment to build in Greenville not Bayonne.
The Greenville section of Jersey City has suffered without emergency medical care since 2008 when Jersey City Medical Center (JCMC) made the decision to shut down Greenville Hospital. At that time and on many occasions since, the leadership of JCMC has promised to return community based urgent care to Greenville and work to address the health concerns of our community
To add insult to injury JCMC also recently scaled back their community healthcare in Greenville. Greenville needs more healthcare assets not less. Its unique socioeconomic and transportation concerns make leaving the neighborhood for healthcare extremely difficult. Residents in Greenville face significant challenges in accessing urgency and emergency care.

We were saddened to find out that rather than address the legitimate public health needs of the Greenville section of Jersey City, JCMC is attempting to open a free standing Emergency Department just four blocks from a full-service hospital with one of the best emergency departments in the state!

Ever since Jersey City Medical Center (JCMC) closed Greenville Hospital in 2008, we have been waiting in vain for the promised replacement services to care for our community.
We respectfully ask that the State Department of Health deny Jersey City Medical Center licensure for a satellite emergency department in Bayonne, NJ.

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