Jersey Shore Fertility Doctor Now in Monmouth and Middlesex Counties

Source: Morgan
After more than twenty years practicing reproductive endocrinology in Ocean County, Dr. Allen Morgan of Morgan Fertility and Reproductive Medicine (formerly ShoreIVF) has expanded his practice to include two new offices located in Old Bridge and Ocean/Eatontown.
Dr. Morgan says, “For many years I had offers to work at larger infertility centers among several doctors, but felt like I wouldn’t really get to know each patient in a factory style setting. I just think a more personal, boutique feel of a solo-practice better suits my patients.”
For more than two decades patients along the Jersey Shore have sought out fertility treatment with Dr. Morgan, many traveling from as far as over an hour away and passing over larger fertility clinics, opting instead for the more personalized approach that Dr. Morgan is known for. Considering many infertility treatments require frequent office visits for monitoring, sometimes two or even three times per week, treatment has sometimes meant considerable travel time for patients coming from Monmouth and Middlesex counties.
This led Dr. Morgan to open offices in Old Bridge and Ocean Township in addition to the main location and embryology labs he plans to maintain in Lakewood/Brick and Galloway. He says, “I can now accommodate patients closer to where they live and work. I chose locations that are easy to get to and are in close proximity to the major roadways in Monmouth and Middlesex counties for maximum convenience.”
Dr. Morgan says the response has already been overwhelmingly good. “Patients are so happy they can come in before work and not worry about traffic on the parkway that just the reduction in stress hormones alone makes the expansion well worth it.”
Dr. Morgan is board certified in reproductive endocrinology, an Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ), and a member of The Society for Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM).

To book an appointment with Dr. Allen Morgan at one of these new locations, call 732-361-2099 or click on for more information.

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