2023 In Review: The Year’s Top News Stories And Awards


Bindi Irwin, daughter of the late wildlife conservationist Steve Irwin, has come out the closet about her ten-year bout with endometriosis — one of those diseases that “nice girls” don’t talk about.

Next to being a drug that can immediately stop drug overdoses simply by being inhaled, what could Narcan possibly do for an encore? Well, how about being available in over-the-counter non-prescription strength? The FDA has approved making that possible.

While the Veterans Administration can report that veteran suicides decreasing, they have taken steps to expand the availability at non-VA health care facilities for emergency health care at no cost — in some cases for up to 90 days.

An Asbury Park-based nonprofit has launched an interactive Affirming Healthcare Map aimed at making the lifesaving care search easier for New Jersey’s LGBTQ+ residents. Also, the Red Cross is lifting restrictions on male gay and bisexual blood donors.

New Jersey has become only the second state in the nation to cap out-of-pocket costs asthma inhalers at $50, and anaphylactic shock EpiPens at $25, and insulin at $35. Path to single payer, anyone?

In the wake of reproductive rights in the post-Roe Vs. Wade era, an advisory panel of experts has unanimously recommended to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) allowed women to get the HRA Pharma birth control pill Opill without a prescription.

An advocacy group reports that Medicare Advantage (MA) overbills the federal government by at least $88 billion per year, along with paying their top executives over-the-top salaries by cutting corners on services.

A pair of Hackensack Meridian Health hospitals were forced to shut down their emergency rooms due to having their IT data held hostage in ransomware attacks. Ransomware attacks on healthcare facilities have more than doubled since 2016.

“Hello darkness, my old friend/It must be 4PM again.” But seasonal affect disorder is no joke — so much no that doctors have called for putting a permanent end to daylight savings time. “If we have too much bright light in the evening,” says a doctor, “our body won’t produce the melatonin it needs to fall asleep in a timely manner.”

The “Jersey-est” Awards of 2023

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