JerseyFresh Kicks Off Farmers’ Market Season (But Not In Greenville Jersey City)


Source: Jersey Journal/

We’re happy to see Jersey City has eight farmers markets on tap this year, but it’s disappointing that, once again, the southern half of the city is left behind.

Four of the markets are downtown (two within four blocks of each other, though on different days) and one will be in the Heights, Journal Square and Lincoln Park. The southernmost market is set to be open every Saturday from July 13 to Oct. 26 at Arlington Park in the Bergen-Lafayette section.

But Greenville — which could most use a source of healthy, Jersey Fresh produce — has none scheduled.

We certainly don’t begrudge the other sections of the city their markets; we hope they are tremendous successes. But we also hope city officials can find a way to add a market or two in Greenville.

It’s well-established that farmers markets are a win-win for the vendors and the communities lucky enough to have them. As stated on the page of the state’s Department of Agriculture’s website, fruits and vegetables harvested locally and sent to area farmers markets can be picked when ripe or almost ripe. That means they taste better than produce that’s picked early so it can be transported across the country or internationally — and fresh foods are better for you.

By traveling fewer miles, foods from Garden State farms also cut down on air pollution and support the state’s economy. Plus, it’s just fun to poke around the stands and check out everything from Jersey blueberries, tomatoes and corn to blueberry pies and apple cider doughnuts.

Watching the changing offerings as the season moves from spring berries to fall apples and pears is an education in itself and an excuse to experiment with foods you may walk past or never see in the supermarket.

Let’s get some of that Jersey goodness at least once a week in Greenville.

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