NJ Coronavirus: Could An Immunotherapy Drug Company In Warren Help?

By: Joe Moore

Six months ago, four bands performed at a lung cancer benefit at the Dingbatz rock club in Clifton NJ. Two of the bands had the same drummer — and that drummer, Joe Moore, was the one with the lung cancer.

Since then, Moore has completed his chemotherapy, begun immunotherapy, lost his insurance, been found to to have a brain tumor, is scheduled for radiation therapy, and qualified as being too immunocompromised for the coronavirus. But never the “pity party” type, he has also started a video series and a Facebook group, is available for personal outreach, and considers it great news that an immunotherapy-related drug is in the coronavirus antidote/vaccine mix.

Covid lockdown 2020! Pandemic!! Monster!!!

So it seems as we sit in our homes and wait for the beast to pass! What looms on the horizon in the way of help or cure? Where is our Superman, our champion?

New Jersey is a state of fighters from way back, and is no different now than ever! I know a little bit about it, as I am currently engaged in a fight with stage 4 lung cancer, and I am currently under treatment for it: chemotherapy (which renders me immune deficient) plus immunotherapy!

The latter is what I would like to key in on as it is the object of my recent fantasy: what if there was a drug that could cure covid-19…and what if that drug could think? Yes, I said “think!” Please welcome immunotherapy to the list of cures!

The Virginia lab company Cel Sci, which brought us immuneotheropy, has found a way to harness it to fight Covid-19!!! This process is already in progress as we speak, and with human testing commencing and in progress in conjunction with the FDA, the results are amazing! The drug, which uses LEAPS system (Ligand Epitope Antigen Presentation System) originally designed to combat H1N1 and Herpes simplex viruses through T- cells, generate antibodies that prevent its spread.

Well, the drug is apparently at the point to be on the block for a cure! You will be hearing about “Natural Killer Cells” in the very near future as this drug has been tested in Seattle, Washington by IDRI (Infectious Diseases Research Institute), and brings us home to where? You got it — good ol’ Jersey!!!

Warren NJ-based Celularity pioneered the technology for the drug and is administering it already. There is so much more to this drug, its unreal! But it is here, and it is real! I know because it courses through my veins as I write this, and never thought cancer would be the reason!

Stay safe! And watch for this!!! Hail Superman!!!

Joe Moore’s: “My Journey Begins” Cancer Facebook Group · Videos · GoFundMe

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