Joe Moore Lung Cancer Update

By: Joe Moore

In his previous Your HHRS News dispatch, New Jersey rock drummer and roofer Joe Moore reported that his Stage 4 lung cancer had reached his brain. His doctor was supposed to call him the afternoon after his most recent series of scans, but she called six hours earlier…

Most people would agree: it’s a sad fact of life that we all have to die eventually — but hopefully, just not now! The latter is what goes to most cancer patients’ minds — it’s certainly what went through this cancer patient’s mind! I was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer in June 2019, so I can tell you firsthand that I thought such thoughts often, if not every day!

joeMooreNEDI was told my treatment would be a containment mission; I should hold no hope of remission. That pill alone was hard enough to swallow! Then about a month ago, a tumor was found in my brain. I received radiation treatment, but I thought it could be the beginning of the end.

My oncologist followed up by ordering a series of scans, including one that instantly detects cancer in the body. I was afraid of that scan, because it doesn’t lie! So imagine my shock and surprise when the phone rang at 8AM from the doctor’s office!

Reluctantly I answered — the first thing that went through my mind was “Something’s wrong.” The doctor explained that she wanted to give us the information and couldn’t wait because the scans were so very good! She went on to explain that my status was N.E.D. — NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE!

My wife Krisi and I, sitting at a table with the phone in front of us, stared at each other blankly. I asked the doctor to reiterate, which she did with a giddy bounce in her voice: Not only was the tumor in my lung gone, but only a tiny scar was left. It took the better part of two minutes for that to sink in…I WAS CANCER FREE!!!

I still have to go in for treatment and scans as a precaution. But now, I have a whole life that has re-opened before me — barring, of course, the monster rearing its ugly head again. But the meantime, I plan on getting out there and enjoying life!!

Now I have time — time to have the sun on my face, to watch my nephew grow, to make memories with my wife, to be a better husband, brother, friend, uncle, and musician! But the main reason I’m happy it’s because now I have time to give back to all the people who freely gave their time to me, and to help spread a message of hope!

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