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Arthritis strikes 50 million Americans — one in every five adults who lives with debilitating pain. It attacks people of all ages: two-thirds of people with arthritis are under the age of 65, including some 300,000 children.

Whether helping kids and teens with arthritis get access to pediatric rheumatologists or training them to be the voice for the 300,000 children with arthritis, the Arthritis Foundation provides a way for kids and teens to advocate on their own behalf.

Arthritis is a serious and growing health crisis, striking 50 million Americans (one in every five adults) and about 300,000 children. In the Northeast Region, 7 million adults and 32,000 children are diagnosed with arthritis. It is a complex and incurable condition; two major types of arthritis alone – osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis – cost the U.S. economy more than $156 billion annually in lost wages and medical expenses.

The Arthritis Foundation partners with the Childhood Arthritis and Rheumatology Research Alliance (CARRA) to find the causes of pediatric rheumatic diseases, develop the most effective therapies to treat those affected and ultimately find a cure.

A key initiative of this partnership is the CARRA Registry with which researchers collect information on many individual patients over time. Questions about medical and family history, how the disease affects life and physical function all contribute to a better understanding of pediatric rheumatic diseases. The goals of the CARRA Registry are to:

  • Collect information to learn from as many patients as possible
  • Study the short and long-term safety of medications used to treat pediatric rheumatic diseases
  • Study how treatment and other factors affect the outcomes of pediatric rheumatic diseases
  • Determine the cause of pediatric rheumatic diseases
  • Determine the safest and most effective treatment for individual patients


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