Kardashian-Endorsed waist trainer company settles $5 million lawsuit

Source: Daily Mail UK
The company that produces waist-training corsets has settled a $5 million lawsuit to dismiss claims of false advertising.
The Waist Gang Society raked in customers after the Kardashian sisters flaunted their corsets – and shrinking midriffs – all over social media. But customers hoping for the same results hit out at the Florida-based firm, claiming the product did not burn fat and control the user’s waist as promised.
In March, customer Sara Hawes filed a $5 million class action suit against the company that threatened to topple them from their fitness-fad status. She claims the company lies to consumers by claiming the products burn fat and control the user’s weight, and that the company knew they weren’t telling the truth when they promoted their products.
Research has shown waist trainers redistribute fat to other portions of the users body, thereby creating the perception of a fit and trim waists.
The court papers state: “These ‘waist trainers’ do redistribute fat to other portions of the user’s body, thereby creating the perception of a fit and trim waist, however, Defendant claims that the Products actually burn fat and control the user’s weight. This is completely false and misleading. The Products have absolutely no effect on fat loss of the user.”
Furthermore, the court papers claim the company knew it wasn’t telling the truth when it promoted the products and only lied to sell the products to women who want to lose weight.
Though corsets have existed for centuries, the company has re-branded the product as waist trainers – bagging celebrity endorsements. Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian (who were not named as defendants in the lawsuit) are often seen posting selfies wearing the waist trainers and even giving shout-outs to the company’s founder.

The company’s website quotes its founder, who goes by the name of PreMadonna: “It’s a unique and efficient way to help women shed unwanted inches and feel good about themselves — no diet and exercise required.”

PreMadonna started the Waist Gang Society in Florida a few years ago, and last year, she was quoted saying it is worth $2 million. The products listed in the lawsuit include Sweat Fitness Belt, #1 Zip and Clip Boneless Shaper, Waistgang Comic WaistShaper, Fullbody Shaper, Funkadelic Cheetah Waistshaper, Latex Gym & Garment, Miracle Waist Shaper, No More Back Fat, Python Waistshaper, Superhero Waistshaper, and The Works. They range in price from around $38 to $160.

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