Kardashian Lookalike Online Model’s Cause Of Death: Cosmetic Surgery Gone Wrong

Source: DailyMailUK

The grieving family of an OnlyFans model who was known for her resemblance to Kim Kardashian say they have launched an investigation into her ‘sudden’ death.

Christina Ashten Gourkani, a 34-year-old American model who went by Ashten G online, died in a California hospital on April 20 after going into cardiac arrest following a plastic surgery procedure.

While Ms Gourkani underwent many cosmetic surgeries during her short life — all of which carried risks she would have been well aware of — her family wants answers for why this operation ended in tragedy.

“Her sudden and tragic passing is currently being investigated…related to a medical procedure that took a turn for the worse,” they said in a statement.

A cardiac arrest occurs when the heart suddenly stops pumping blood around the body, which is usually due to a problem with electrical signals in the organ. This causes the brain to be starved of oxygen, which results in sufferers not breathing and losing consciousness.

Common causes include heart attacks (when the blood supply to the heart muscle is cut off due to a clot in one of the coronary arteries), heart disease, and heart muscle inflammation. Drug overdoses and losing a large amount of blood can also be to blame.

If someone is in cardiac arrest they won’t be conscious, responsive or breathing normally, if at all. There are usually no symptoms before a cardiac arrest and, without immediate treatment, it will be fatal.

Giving an electric shock through the chest wall via a defibrillator can start the heart again. In the meantime, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) can keep oxygen circulating around the body.

Ms. Gourkani’s family has started a GoFundMe page to raise funds for her funeral, which is scheduled to take place next week.

The page describes the harrowing moment someone called Ms Gourkani’s family at 4.30M screaming, “Ashten is dying, Ashten is dying!” The family spokesperson then outlines the “living nightmare” of watching her health decline in hospital following her cardiac arrest.

Fellow OnlyFans model Mary Magdalene paid tribute to Ms. Gourkani on Instagram. Magdalene, a plastic surgery addict who once almost died trying to get the “world’s fattest vagina,” wrote: “I don’t know her, (but) I would always just randomly see her on Instagram and think she was really pretty but that is so sad she just died from plastic surgery.

“It is so scary because you really just never know when you’re going to die from (the surgery),” she added, before expressing her own fears about “sustaining brain damage” whenever she goes under the knife.

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